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Having enjoyed a hearty breakfast in Lady Talphenia's castle, Inquisitor Skennitus and his assistant, Delia took a stroll outside. The ground was thick with snow and the air was chill.

"This place is bitterly cold, Delia. Yet the chill of winter has a certain purity to it," said Skennitus.

"Spring is coming," said Delia.

"Ah, your elvish side gives you a certain sensitivity to the changing of seasons," replied Skennitus.

"Lady Talphenia looks like she has a bit of elvish blood in her veins," said Delia. "What do you make of our new mistress?"

"The whole air of this place is thick with the scent of demonic sorcery. She is a villain if ever I saw one," said Skennitus his features showing their ever-present look of disgust.

"I know you suspect her, but you could actually smile at her. She is now your liege lady. You surely don't want her to know you are on to her," suggested Delia.

"Of course she knows I suspect her. The woman is no fool. She wishes to display her arrogance by bringing me to her very presence. Yet I shall soon have her in the dungeons of Rom-Dutt."

"I love her overblown efforts to seem pious. All those religious pictures. And the pompous way she begged you to give a prayer of thanks for the meal. I think she was overdoing it a bit," said Delia.

"The woman is as much a ham as she is a fraud," replied Skennitus.

"I do wish she hadn't made that blonde girl deputy sheriff. That majordomo of hers gives me the creeps," said Delia with a shudder.

"Yes, there is something very wrong with that young woman. I can't quite put my finger on it," said the inquisitor.

"No doubt she will be spying on us," said Delia.

"That is no problem. With all the monsters that we shall battle together, I think a conveniently tragic death may await poor Hestra."

"So how long before you sign Talphenia's death warrant?" asked the half-elf.

"Death warrant? No, I do not desire Talphenia's death at all," said Skennitus.

Delia raised her eyebrow in puzzlement.

"I think after a few months in the dungeons of Rom-Dutt, the baroness will be quite penitent. When the Church is satisfied with her confession, she can be freed, provided that Copper Fold is placed under the supervision of the Church."

"I see where you are going," said Delia with a smile.

"I think Talphenia has done a quite marvellous job of ruling Copper Fold. It is simply a matter of taking over that work and using it for the benefit of the Church. I think that Copper Fold might be a quite convenient bishopric."

"With yourself as the first bishop," added Delia.

"Naturally, Delia. As Bishop of Copper Fold, I would be in a prime position to shape the direction of Several Winter Folds. This land is the future, Delia. We must be the ones to shape it."

"We might just have to kill a few monsters first. This land is thick with them," said the half-elf.

"I think I can rely on your talents, Delia. That is your specialism," said Skennitus.

"Taming this wild land will require every ounce of them, Inquisitor."
A Several Winter Folds story.

Several Winter Folds was created by :iconvalkaneer:
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Valkaneer Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional Writer
The total interaction by the inquisitor and his deputy is very well derived. I love how they each offer their thoughts on the unscrupulous activities.

I agree, based on the mentality of the baroness, that a stint in a prison would make her remorseful of her petty evils, she obviously is concerned for her populations advancement, but is very driven, and perhaps lets her drive lead her to unwise practices that bring that advancement quicker and the expense of some in her charge.

Have you been watching "World Without End"? ;) The bishopric proposal seems reminiscent of a certain someone. :)

I'm not sure if I agree with the inquisitor becoming that bishop, he is a holy warrior and a hand better used in the field and not dictating policy from a power seat. My personal opinion, but open as always. :) Delia, is a better prospect, but I structured the church for male officers, and left off a womans roll. We can debate the sensibility of the church in terms of sex, being as the church is dedicated to a goddess and not a male deity.

So its possible that a female can hold any or all of the offices a man could. Theoretically. ;)

Aside from that, this helps us see the attitudes held by the church in regards to the region. I'm not sure how much of the future is in the colony, but perhaps the Foldland's are set to remake the world in their image. A new image, more modernized and accepting of historical taboo's. This was an intriguing concept when I read it. :)

I love this one, CH. :)

Keep it up, and sorry for not responding for so long to anyone who reads this, its been hectic for me, what with the political RL things going on in America, and I have offered my ten cents to the equation, and of course there is my need to work beyond writing to stay afloat.

I hope to delve into this a bit more in coming days.

Thank you for remaining focused on this story, and adding to it, your a good friend.

Celestialhost Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks, Valkaneer.

I see Skennitus as perhaps getting weary of a life fighting evil and wanting to enjoy a bit of power.

I think Delia is just a hired gun. I don't think she would want that job.
Valkaneer Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2012  Professional Writer
You bet, but remembering the class/multi-class the inquisitor is, I doubt he is hurting for power. But a life on the road gets tiresome for some, and I can concede that fact.

I'm just wondering how he will make his entrance onto the field of the climactic war from a seat of responsibility, we'll have to make Copper Fold a target for invasion I guess, so we can get him out on a battlefield, or perhaps he will be better able if the masses are struck at a future "gathering". That would be in a much latter chapter in the story. As sheriff there is a lot of room for action sequence.

The current king is going to die, and the prince will be in exile, Lady Talphenia, although enjoying sole leadership for a time, will be relegated under the customs of the land as a queen charged to accept a new suitor or she looses all power and title as High Queen eventually.

Back to her barony to rule her own corner if she refuses or a war of succession would erupt.

His ambitions for the region are cloudy, and ambition itself is a troublesome thing for a servant of the church based on pious moderation and virtue. Its a paradox. But I'm open to it, I just have to think ahead as to how all of this will unite in the end.

And a little disjointed by the lack of outside entries to the group on this story.;(

I know folk get busy and have other things they want to explore, but we are going on a month with still just you and I on the case.

See why I just wrote most of the missing pieces?

I wait all the same, but as I've said, I really hate waiting. ;P

I'm about to just close the offer to outsiders if a couple months slip by with no entries or interest. Hell, no one even said hello on the groups main page!

Kind-of-ah bummer.... ;)

And really a shame for those outside the loop. When this is tied together many will kick themselves if it goes that route.

No one seems to like free works for fun and no money. What a society! lol
Celestialhost Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I find it interesting how role-play rules make it difficult for characters to show any kind of hypocrisy or complexity of motivation. That's why it seemed very odd when Forgotten Realms made the priests of Elune into evil self-serving hypocrites. Under the game mechanics that would be impossible; the cleric of a good deity cannot be evil.
Valkaneer Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Professional Writer
They could be with a Girdle of Opposite Alignment. lol

but yes, I'm willing to bend, I only point to the chapter in which he was mentioned scowling at the very perception of evil. He seems really lawful.

But in my view their needs to be flexibility.

Ambition is only evil if it effects the world negatively, but can be instrumental in creating effective change for good reforms.

It's really your call on Copper Fold. ;)
Celestialhost Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I don't think he's evil. He just feels that as he gets older, he might better serve the church as a bishop and any improvement in his material fortune through that will be a just reward.

If he was really self-serving, he would want to be a bishop in a wealthy southern city with a more comfortable climate.
Valkaneer Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2012  Professional Writer
Good analysis. ;)

I'm cool with that, I think I'll revisit some sections and add to them to tie in the story to the death of Albert I.

Try to delve into the relationship between Talphenia and Albert where you left off at the gathering. I'm gonna draft a follow up on the actual meeting of the nobles, and I'll send it to you to see if I have the ladv's agenda accurately depicted for the counsel.

Bishop is a good place to wind up as a clergymen, and after the affairs leading to the kings demise, we will set Talphenia in her regency and postulate what befalls after that. ;)

I appreciate all your hard work on this, Matt! :)

You've really done it justice.
Celestialhost Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
single-leg Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2012
More intrigue..your really good at that..very Byzantine!
Celestialhost Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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