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In the dining hall of VielsDen Keep, the former elven queen Zashariel and Tirarna, Dragon Queen and High Mistress of Garth were enjoying their evening dinner.

"And your armies put down the Orc sorcerer Gruzablu and his minions?" asked Tirarna.

"Yes, after they had ravaged two dwarf kingdoms," replied Zashariel.

A figure came running across the dining hall toward the two inmates.

It was a young woman, with long blonde hair streaming behind her. She was dressed in a white dress that had been made in the VielsDen Keep workshop. Inmates were permitted to wear their own clothes, but most found it convenient to wear the dresses provided by the sisters.

The young woman jumped up, landing her bare feet on the dining table.

She stood high above the two former queens.

"I am Pardeela, Princess of Power!" declared the young woman.

The elf and the human queen sighed.

"I am the champion of freedom, the sword of justice- the enemy of all tyranny!" shouted Pardeela.

"Do go away," said Tirarna.

"I recognise you!" exclaimed the Princess of Power. "You are the evil Tirarna, the Dragon Queen! Your reign of evil is over, mistress of darkness!"

"What are you going to do to me? Throw me in VielsDen Keep? Oh, goodness me, I'm there already- and so are you!" said the Dragon Queen with a sneer.

Pardeela ignored Tirarna and turned to the elf queen.

"Do not fear, Queen of the Elves, I shall save you from this evildoer. I will protect you!"

"It's alright, young lady. I really don't need rescuing," said Zashariel. "Tirarna is a friend."

As queen of the High Elf kingdom of Thaalidor, she had made the reluctant decision to declare Pardeela a person non gratia. The Princess of Power had been forbidden to enter Thaalidor on pain of death. The crazed young woman always caused chaos where ever she went in her obsession with rescuing people and defeating evil powers.

Pardeela turned back to the human woman.

"You wicked villain! How dare you take captive a queen of the noble elves!"

"Girl, if our paths had crossed before this place, I would have had you disembowelled for my amusement," snarled Tirarna.

One of the sisters approached.

"Pardeela, you really should get down off the table," suggested the sister, a pretty looking halfling.

"I have to save the elven queen!" shrieked Pardeela.

"Where is your sword of justice, Pardeela?" asked Tirarna. "Where is your shining armour? Where is your winged horse?"

Pardeela was silent.

"Princess of Power? Ha! You may be the bastard brat of some prince, but you've no power. Your just a crazed inmate in this asylum."

"Please come down off the table," repeated the sister.

"All these people you think you've rescued- are they grateful? No, they think you are crazy and they've shut you up here in VielsDen Keep. You're the most pathetic of all the inmates here. Princess of Power! Princess Pathetic I say!"

Pardeela suddenly looked around her. A confused look came over her face. Then suddenly, she broke down into tears and collapsed on to the table sobbing.

The sister gently began trying to comfort the sobbing young woman.

"That was very unkind, Tirarna," chided the high elf.

"Unkind? I once impaled a thousand prisoners in one afternoon. And you chide me for laughing at a fool? Zashariel, even you must get tired of that crazy girl," replied the Dragon Queen, before walking off.

Zashariel glanced uncomfortably at the distraught human, before following after Tirarna.
A VielsDen Keep story
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I should declare that I get a thrill from being your primary critic. I hope beyond hope to set an example for unbiased criticism. As usual, you sense of setting and introduction is expressed with panache. You manage to set the readers on edge to read more. This time, it is dinner for the three major characters, which seems rather quaint. The dinner conversation is ironic, as it is serious rather than lighthearted fare. Two characters sharing about the Orcs. Nonetheless interesting. The title character enters with dramatic flair I presume typical of her nature. I enjoyed her error about Zashariel and Tirama, and the resulting dialogue. Enchanting reading once more, and not lacking wit and humor.
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chatgurl Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
Looks like Tirarna doesn't tolerate people who accuse her of anything wheter she did or not
Celestialhost Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Tirarna is an hard woman.

Thanks for reading.
single-leg Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013
I like this new character!!! Mean Tirarna needs to go back to isolation!! Love how Zashariel is so polite..

Seriously, this character can be a lot of a fun as an insane well meaning radical who brings mayhem and destruction in her attempts at bringing liberty to the kingdoms!!

Is she based off that He Man character? (forgot the name..)
Celestialhost Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
She-Ra. Oh yes.
single-leg Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2013
That was her name!

When I finally finish these comics,I will get back to VielsDen, Polly and the Migo, OPR, etc with a vengeance!
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